The ECOFRIEND (Food Waste Converter) does not require ANY additional products such as wood chips, chemicals, or charcoal to be added to the waste. It also consumes NO fresh water and does not discharge any “dirty water” to sanitary. As mentioned above, the only discharge from the unit is the “Sterile Biomass” and a few gallons of condensate runoff from the condenser unit.

It is an odourless and emission free process making it a suitable technology for installations in residential as well as commercial locations. The exhaust outlet should be connected to a closed sewage line for removal of any odour generated during the decomposition process.

Feeding of any hard/inorganic material can cause mechanical damage. However, to reduce the risk of damage, all ECOFRIEND’S variants come equipped with mechanical protection systems and sensors that automatically stop the machine if any hard article is jammed in the conversion chamber. Audio alarms and visual warnings on the Touchscreen inform the operator of the issue. Any paper or plastic waste will not damage the machine. But make sure that you are removing them after the cycle. It is always advised to avoid putting such materials into the machine.

You could spread it on the grounds of your premises, at your residence, or to a composting facility as manure or send it to the landfill. Because the end product is 95% dry, it is very Another option is to mix with natural soil so that it will get composted if few days time.

Not at all. During the cycle, the waste is heated and sterilized over 12 hours, killing all bacteria and seeds which were present in the input.

Nothing need to be added to the system for processing the food waste. If you are depositing high volume of Oily waste, it is recommended to add a portion of green leaves, Cardboard bits or tissue papers to absorb the oil content.

You are advised to fill only up to the agitator level to attain maximum efficiency. Over loading will prolong the process time and can even damage the inbuilt sensors.

For medium wet waste you can expect around 25 to 30 Litters of water per 100 Kgs during a process of 12-14 hours duration.

ECOFRIEND is equipped with a primary shredder inlet as well as a secondary inlet. This secondary inlet can be used to add semi liquid waste as well as it can be utilized by the operator for viewing the process status.

Since you are using different types of food waste, It is recommended to carry out a soil analysis to determine what to be added to convert the output suitable for soil application or to be used as fertilizer. We can assist you in carrying out the analysis if needed.

The units are 3 phase 380 to 440 volt. Refer our specification sheets.