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CAPACITY:- 250 KG/HR. TO 2000 KG/HR.

High moisture content in waste is one of the biggest challenges in Organic waste management. Envicare has been developed and designed unique solution especially for bulk waste generators.

We would like to present you our latest solution for bulk waste generators

Capacity:- 250 Kg/Hr. To 2000 Kg/Hr.

About Dewatering Composter

  • ECOFRIEND(S) based on an aerobic composting method and follow all important basis of aerobic composting
  • It work on three step process
  • Shredding
  • Dewatering
  • Curing

We have achieved 40 % of volume reduction on first two step process and another 25 % of volume reduction will be happen during curing process.

ECOFRIND(S) will make quality compost with good amount of nutritional value and final product can be sellable.


  • Continues Operation
  • In-Built shredder (To perform better dewatering by reduction partial size)
  • Make compost dry & pathogen free
  • 35 to 40% in volume & weight reduction

Biggest Challenge in Indian Organic Waste Management – Moisture Level in garbage

Mechanical Solutions

Shredding - According to the basics of aerobic composting particle size of raw material should be as minimum as possible to make the process easy and fast.

  • We have been designed and developed different types of shredding machine as per the client’s raw material requirements to achieve particle size below 10 mm
  • Stainless steel makes blades and valve used for a shredder to make it anti-corrosive and durable with long life.
  • Heavy and big particles can be handle easily
  • Continues process helps to process maximum material in a very short time.

Dewatering - To control moisture level without hampering nutrition level in raw material screw press dewatering system is a very ideal and effective solution. A dewatering screw press is a screw press machine that separates liquids from solids. It is a simple, slow-moving device that accomplishes dewatering through continuous gravity drainage. The screw press machine squeezes the material against a screen or filter and the liquid can be collected through the screen for reuse.

  • Dewatering after shredding can increase the efficiency of liquid separation from wet waste due to its minimum particles.
  • A small and feasible structure with high efficiency & a high degree of automation works in low speed for continuous operation.
  • A low cost and easy to maintain the machine and also has low power electricity consumption
  • Compact structure to reduce floor space
  • The main part is made by corrosion-free stainless steel to make the last longer.