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  • A revolution in organic waste management.
  • ECOFRIEND - 24 hours Fully Automatic Waste Converter
  • The most advanced solutions for managing organic waste, economically & effectively

ECOFRIEND provide smart & intelligent food waste solutions. Its microbiological technology reduces volume by upto 85% in 24 hours and coverts into organic supplements for plants.


20 Kg to 2000 Kg per day




With ECOFRIEND , we help you to manage your waste ECOFRIEND efficiently and economically, through an environmentallyconscious process.

ECOFRIEND is an end to end Waste management solution, capable of converting wet waste into Soil Supplement in 24 hrs. ECOFRIEND’s - Feed & Forget System, doesn’t require any skilled labor and uses minimum energy.

Equipped with multiple sensors, inbuilt shredder, PLC based touch screen interface, ECOFRIEND is the most advanced Waste management solution available in the industry


Segregation - Waste segregation means dividing the waste into Dry (Recyclable) and Wet. Dry waste includes Glass, Metal, Wood, Electronics, Plastic products etc. Wet waste typically refers to organic waste like Leftover food, Fruit peel, Meat, Poultry, Fish and Bakery items etc.

Feeding - After segregation the dry (recyclable) and wet waste, the wet waste is fed into the machine through openable door at the top.

Inbuilt Shredding - It is the first process that the wet waste passes into the ECOFRIEND. Shredding process helps reduction of particle size which can make the process easy and get the required volume reduction in the minimal time, it saves electricity and makes final product in the powder form.

Conversion - After the Wet waste is shredded, it enters in the tank where the actual conversion takes place through our unique mixing, air circulation and heating mechanism. The heating system maintains the temperature range in which the bacteria thrive, thus accelerating the conversion process.

Soil Supplement Removal - Can be done every 24 hours through a wide removal outlet


  • Feed & Forget System
  • Waste to Soil Enhancer with 80 - 85% Volume reduction
  • Emission free process
  • Inbuilt Shredder with high strength 4140 Alloy Blades enabling significant Power saving & better supplement quality, No separate Shredder required
  • PLC based Touch Screen Interface for better usage experience
  • Dual Feed inlet: Primary through shredder as well as Secondary direct inlet
  • The insulted jacket heater used in ECOFRIEND, it ensures even & controlled heating to the waste
  • End product will be in Dry and Powder Form
  • Emergency STOP Button for operator safety
  • Only 304 grade stainless steel is used, which leads to a machine life of more than 20 years
  • High quality inline gearboxes used
  • Unique Shaft breakage protection system
  • Negligible Manpower required
  • Low Maintenance and Operational Cost
  • Project specific customization is possible
  • No Sawdust required


  • Hassel free & Zero labor working process
  • Maximum volume reduction
  • In-built shredder – Can handle all types of food & kitchen waste
  • Dual feed inlets
  • Remove output once in 2-3 days (Not require daily operation)
  • Minimal Odour
  • Attractive outlook and low noise generation
  • Plug & Play machine
  • Compact design - Manageable in minimum space